Brother Wireless Printer Setup

Brother Industries Ltd. is a Japanese company well-known for manufacturing electrical equipment. It manufactures desktop computers, printers, multifunctional printers, typewriters, fax machines, industrial sewing machines, and various other electronic gadgets.

Top features of Brother HL L2320D Wi-Fi Setup printer

  • You can easily take large print jobs, without accumulating bigger space
  • The size and weight of the Brother HL L2320DW Wi-Fi Setup printer make it perfect for a home-user. It also works perfectly for business use.
  • You can easily take a large number of printouts at one run. It can take 250 sheets on an input tray and 100 on the output tray. If you want more printouts then you can make use of large paper trays.
  • It has a save toner mode where you can save some amount of toner on your every print.
  • Brother HL-L2320D printer uses toner (powder) instead of ink that provides clear and smear-free images.
  • It has a single USB port and can easily connect with any device
  • It has inbuilt automatic duplex printing feature

How to setup Brother Printer?

Before your start Wi-Fi setup for Brother Printer; ensure that your PC is connected to that network. You should also know the network name and network key. If you are not aware of these terms then here are the guidelines for you:

  • Check on the side of the WLAN router and access point.
  • Check the documentation you get with WLAN router
  • Your network name can be the same as your model name

Follow the given steps to Brother Printer Wi-Fi setup:

  1. Connect your printer to the power supply with the help of power cord
  2. Go to start menu
  • Click on Networks
  1. Go to WLAN
  2. Go to Setup Wizard
  3. Choose Wireless network

Now you can easily take printouts from your Wi-Fi device.

How to connect Brother Printer to Laptop?

Brother printers are fully compatible with almost every type of laptop. You can take a printout with Brother Printer even without connecting it with USB. You can make use of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. If you are wondering how to connect brother printer to laptop via Wi-Fi then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open your laptop
  2. Open your router
  • Now turn on your brother printer
  1. From device and printers; choose Brother Printer
  2. Select WLAN
  3. Hit the enter button
  • Click on option network
  • Select to Wireless
  1. Hit the enter button
  2. Search for Network
  3. Hit the enter button
  • Choose an encryption network
  • Hit the Enter button
  • After you connect the laptop to Brother Printer; take a test printout.

How to connect Brother Printer to the computer?

You need to download and install the device driver on your computer in an account for connecting it to the Brother Printer. Ensure that you are using the correct driver as it acts as a connection bridge between your computer and printer. Follow the steps mentioned below to set up Brother Printer for computer:

If you have a CD-drive on your computer then you can directly copy the driver CD (you get with your Brother Printer) on your device and install it. In case, you don’t have a CD or CD-Drive on your computer then you can download the driver from the internet. Follow the steps mentioned below for online download and installation:

  1. Go to the website of Brother printer
  2. Go to driver download
  • From the list, choose your printer model (Make sure you are choosing the correct printer model)
  1. Hit the next button
  2. Choose your OS
  3. Select your language
  • Hit the download button
  • Wait until the setup gets downloaded on your device
  1. Now restart your computer
  2. Connect the printer with your computer via USB cable
  3. Go to the download and double click on the driver setup
  • The setup will start running
  • Follow the on-screen commands
  • Terms and agreement page will appear on your screen
  1. Hit the agree and install button
  • Hit the Okay button
  • Click on finish button for completing the installation process
  • Now take a test printout for ensure that your printer is online.

Troubleshooting Brother HL 12360D Printer Errors

Paper Jam in Brother Printer

Paper jam is a simple yet bothersome error that occurs often. You get this error when some junk (mostly a chunk of paper) gets stuck inside the printer. If you are facing paper jam error then open the printer’s lid and inspect for the paper junk. If you can’t see any stuck paper then check your printer with a dry cloth. Your printer can also show paper jam when your paper roller draws multiple pages. Check your paper for fixing paper jam issues.

Slow printing

Slow printing is very common once your device gets old. The speed of your Brother Printer decreases with time. But sometimes you can also face speed issues due to low power supply. If you are printer via Wi-Fi then keep your printer near to your router device. Try using a USB cable instead of wireless printing. Another good method of speeding up your printer is by using drift mode. Drift mode increases your printer’s speed by decreasing the print’s quality. Go to the printer’s setting and switch from normal mode to drift mode. But you can’t take quality-printouts by using this mode. Whenever you want to take bright and good quality printout; switch back to normal or quality mode.

If you are facing speed issues on your new Brother printer then you should ask Brother Printer support. Whenever you seek any kind of software related errors; you should get help from Brother technical team.