Canon Printer Pixma MG2920 Setup Manual

Canon offers a wide range of printer devices and Canon Pixma MG2920 is one of the most popular printers that offer all-in-one service. It is wireless and you can easily take printouts from various devices like PC, laptops, MacBooks, as well as from your mobile devices.

Steps for Canon MG2920 Setup

  1. Take the box and place it on a clean, dry and flat surface
  2. Remove all the packaging and put every piece of equipment on a clean table carefully
  3. Check for all the accessories (ink cartridges, cords, etc)
  4. Take the power cord and connect its one end to the printer and another one to the power source
  5. Place the ink cartridge on your printer slot carefully
  6. Now power on the printer (Check whether LED is laminating or not)
  7. Put the paper tray carefully

Canon MG2920 Wireless Setup for Windows

You need a printer driver for using a printer in your computer system. Here are the steps for downloading the printer driver in Windows OS:

  1. Open your PC
  2. Go to the internet browser
  3. Search for Canon printer Pixma MG2920 driver for Windows
  4. A link will appear on your screen
  5. Hit the link for downloading
  6. Wait until the driver gets fully download on your system
  7. If you have CD driver on your device then you can also copy the setup form provided CD-ROM
  8. Now you have to follow the provided on-screen commands for completing the on-screen commands

Pixma MG2920 Wireless Setup Mac

Follow the given steps for downloading the Pixma printer driver for Mac.

  1. Open your Mac device
  2. Open web browser
  3. Search for Canon Pixma setup
  4. Choose the setup for Mac device
  5. Go to the download button
  6. Download the driver for Mac
  7. Wait for completing the download process
  8. Follow the on-screen commands for Canon Pixma MG2920 install.

You can also download the setup from the provided CD-ROM. But the latest Mac devices don’t provide CD installation. If you have a CD-drive in your Mac then you can also go for CD installation.

How to connect Canon MG2920 to Wi-Fi?

Canon Pixma provides you Wi-Fi printing feature where you can easily take a printout from various devices without connecting it via cable. Here are the steps for MG2920 Wi-Fi setup:

Pixma MG2920 Wi-Fi setup for Windows:

  1. Insert the provided CD-ROM on your DVD driver and wait until you see start-up screen on your screen
  2. Hit the next button
  3. Ensure that your Canon printer is online (Check whether the power light is stable or not)
  4. Click on the Next button
  5. Click on connect to the network button
  6. Choose wireless setup
  7. Once you click on wireless setup; press and hold your Canon printer Wi-Fi button until the light glooms twice
  8. Hit the next button and follow the on-screen commands
  9. Hit the next button
  10. A software installation list will appear on your screen
  11. Click on .exe file
  12. Hit the next button
  13. Tap on the complete button

Canon MG2920 Connect to Wi-Fi for Mac devices:

  1. Once you download the Pixma driver; go to the internet browser and download Canon Pixma Utilities to start the extraction process
  2. An installer prompt will appear on your screen
  3. Enter the password for resuming helper tool installation
  4. Hit the next button
  5. Wait until you get a connection method selection screen on your desktop
  6. Choose a wireless connection option
  7. Make sure your printer is online (The light must be stable)
  8. Click on next button
  9. Tap on connect to network button
  10. Hit the start button
  11. Click on wireless setup
  12. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on your printer until it blinks twice
  13. Hit the next button
  14. Choose .dmg file for installation
  15. Hit the yes button
  16. End-user license agreement page will appear on your screen
  17. Read the license carefully and hit the agree button
  18. Click on add a printer option
  19. Choose Canon IJ Network driver version
  20. Hit the add button
  21. Tap the Next button
  22. Hit the complete button

Canon AirPrint Setup

Canon Pixma offers you printing facilities with iOS devices. You can easily take printouts from your iPhones and iPads with the help of AirPrint. Makes sure your both devices are connected with the same Wi-Fi network. With the AirPrint feature, you can easily print, fax, and scan from the Canon printer.

Setting up WPS Pin on Pixma MG2920

  1. The WPS (wireless protected setup) is present on the rear side of your printer
  2. Press and hold the WPS button for 5 seconds to activate it (use a ballpoint or some pointed object to press the button)
  3. Your Pixma printer will print an eight-digit pin on a paper and then start searching the access point
  4. Open the internet browser and search for http://access_point_ip_address/ as a registrar
  5. Open WPS setting page
  6. Now enter the pin on the registrar column and follow the onscreen commands
  7. If you are using Windows device then you have to register into the network in advance
  8. Go to start button
  9. Click on network
  10. Tap on add wireless device
  11. Choose your Canon Pixma printer
  12. Click on the Next button
  13. Select the required network
  14. Hit the next button
  15. Check whether the blue light on your printer is glooming or not
  16. Now you can easily connect the Canon Pixma printer to the wireless network.

You can also take printouts from your Android devices with the help of Canon Pixma. This printer offers high-quality printouts. If you are facing any query and seeking help then contact Canon support.