How Do I Recover My Yahoo Password Manually?

Yahoo mail is one of the most famous and secure mailing services. Yahoo mail provides various other features like calendar, event creating etc for making your job easy. While creating a Yahoo account, you set a password to keep your device secured from unauthorized access. You should change your account password regularly for keeping the account secure from hacking practices. But changing the password frequently gets you into the forgotten Yahoo password issues. If you forgot Yahoo password then you can easily recover it by various methods. 

How to recover Yahoo password without phone number?

If you are using another device in which you can’t get the OTP so you have to use the recovery method where you don’t require your phone number. Yahoo provides an alternate email address option for recovering the password. Follow the given steps for resetting Yahoo mail password:

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Go to
  3. Enter the Yahoo email address
  4. Click on forgot login password button
  5. You will see three options for password recovery
  6. Click on use alternative email address 
  7. Hit the continue button
  8. Two options will appear on your screen
  9. Click on send me an email button
  10. Hit the Yes send me an email button
  11. Tap the continue button
  12. You will receive the recovery email on your alternative email address
  13. Open the recovery email address and submit the recovery code
  14. Hit the submit button
  15. Now you will see a create password option
  16. Enter a new password for Yahoo 
  17. Re-enter the password for confirmation
  18. Now you can easily access your Yahoo email.

How to reset Yahoo password without recovery email?

If you don’t have a recovery email then use the phone number option for recovering your Yahoo password. If you are using the same phone number which you have used for creating the Yahoo account then you can easily recover your Yahoo password. Follow the steps given below for fixing Yahoo mail forgot password issue:

  1. Go to your web browser and search for Yahoo mail
  2. Now click on Sign in option
  3. Enter your Yahoo email address
  4. Press the Next button
  5. Click on Forget password button
  6. From password recovery option, click on phone number
  7. Enter the missing digits of your phone number
  8. Click on submit button
  9. Now you will receive a verification code on your phone number
  10. Type the verification code and press the Next button
  11. Reset password page will appear
  12. Enter a new password
  13. Re-enter the Yahoo password
  14. Hit the Next button for signing in your Yahoo email account.

How to recover yahoo password without phone number and alternate email?

If you forgot Yahoo mail password and don’t have a registered phone number and alternative email account then you can choose the security question option. While creating your Yahoo email account, you have answered a security question. You can use that security question for forgot Yahoo password reset. Follow the given steps for resetting the password:

  1. Open your device and go to your web browser
  2. Click on Sign-in button
  3. Now enter your Yahoo email address
  4. Hit the Next button
  5. Tap the Forgot password button
  6. You will be navigated to password recovery page
  7. Click on I do not remember password option
  8. You will get three recovery option; phone number, alternative email address, and security question
  9. If you don’t have a phone number and alternate email address then click on the security question
  10. Now follow the on-screen commands
  11. You will see a question on your screen which you have answered while creating Yahoo email account
  12. Answer the same question and press the submit button 
  13. Make sure your answer is the same which you have provided earlier
  14. Reset email page will appear on your screen
  15. Enter your new Yahoo password
  16. Re-enter Yahoo password for confirmation
  17. Once complete, you can easily access your Yahoo email account.

How to reset my Yahoo password without alternate email or phone number or security question?

If you don’t have an alternative email or phone number and do not remember the answer to your security question then you have only one option to retrieve Yahoo password. You have to contact Yahoo customer care reset password team troubleshooting your issue. Contact Yahoo team and ask them for recovering your email account. This process may take some time but you will recover your Yahoo password.