How to Fix HP Printer Offline Status Issue?

HP is a globally known IT industry which is famous for manufacturing computer hardware and related software programs. For home users, HP printers are considered the best as it offers you good printing speed and quality. HP devices are highly robust. But there are some common errors which are faced by lots of HP printer users. Many people reported that the printer is showing Offline status. You can’t take a printout if your printer is offline. 

Why is my HP Printer showing Offline status?

The reasons behind why HP Printer showing offline status are many. If you are getting the offline status again and again then check your connection. Connectivity error is the major reason for this issue. This error can appear when your Bluetooth is disabled. Printer offline error can also appear when you are using a faulty USB cable.

Symptoms of HP Printer Offline error:

  1. Your printer is not responding
  2. The printer icon is greyed out or showing offline status
  3. File sharing or printer sharing feature got disabled
  4. You are unable to find your printer or other peripheral devices on the network
  5. Your default printer driver has been changes
  6. Network loses the printer connection and then went on sleep mode
  7. The network port IP address gets changed

Methods to fix Printer is showing Offline status error:

Inspect your cables and connections

For wireless printing, check whether the Bluetooth of both the devices are working or not. Try to connect your PC with another device via Bluetooth. If you are unable to connect then fix the Bluetooth connection of your PC. For wireless printing, make sure your Wi-Fi is working. If you have connected your printer with a USB cord then make sure your USB cord is working. Connect the USB cord with another device and check whether the device is connecting or not. If not then use a working USB cord. You must use a high-speed USB cord for printing.

Turn of the Smart Install

Smart install functions can also conflict with the printing. If your printer is showing the offline status then try disabling the smart install. Go to your home screen on your HP Printer control panel. Click on the Service Menu. Go to the smart install option and then click on the Off option. Now restart your computer and give the printer command. Check whether your printer is working or not. If not then seek other solutions.  

Try HP Printer and Scan Doctor

Your HP Printer offers you an HP Printer and Scan Doctor tool. It is a free tool that can easily diagnose all the errors of HP printers and fix them immediately. Here are the steps for using HP Printer and Scan Doctor:

  1. Search for HP Printer and Scan Doctor tool
  2. Download the setup
  3. Go to the downloads and run the setup

Follow the on-screen for completing the installation process

Now open the tool and run the software. Now restart your computer and check whether the HP offline error gets resolved or not.

Set the default print driver manually

If your current printer is not your default printer then it will show the offline status. You have to set the HP Printer as the default printer. Here are the steps for setting your HP printer as the default in Windows 10:

  1. Close all your running programs
  2. Now right-click on the Windows icon
  3. Click on Search option
  4. Type Printers in the search bar
  5. Select Printers and Scanners from the list
  6. Printers and Scanners window will appear on the screen
  7. Click on your HP Printer
  8. Hit the Manage button
  9. Manage your device window will appear
  10. Search for Printer Status
  11. Click on your Printer and hit the Set as default button

Now close the manage your device window and give the print command. Check whether your printer is working or not.

Remove all the pending jobs

If your printer has pending jobs then you should remove all the jobs and then check your printer status. You can follow the given steps for removing all the pending printing jobs:

  1. Close your running programs
  2. Click on the start button
  3. Navigate to Settings
  4. Hit the Devices option
  5. Now click on Printers and Scanners
  6. Choose your printer
  7. Right-click on your printer
  8. Click on See what’s a printing option
  9. Now choose all your pending printing jobs
  10. Click on the delete button

Select the Print option and choose the Use Printer Online option. Restart your HP printer and check the status. If your HP Printer is still showing offline status then you should ask the HP technical team for help.

Inspect the Network

If your printer is connected with the network then you should check the connection status. Here are the steps for ensuring that your HP Printer is connected to the network:

  1. If you are using wireless connections then check the Wi-Fi. Turn on your PC to make sure you are connected with the correct wireless network.
  2. Print the Network Summary page with the HP Printer to ensure that your printer has a correct IP address
  3. In case the IP address is not assigned; your network is not configured. You have to configure the IP correctly to fix the error.

Inspect the Use Printer Offline setting

  1. Open your PC and navigate to Control Panel
  2. Hit the View devices and Printers option
  3. Click on Devices and Printers
  4. Right-click on See What’s Printing option
  5. Choose Printer and uncheck the Pause printer or Use Printer Offline status

Now close the window and restart your device. Check your HP printer status now. If your HP printer is still showing you the same error then you should ask the HP technical team for help.