How to Fix Yahoo Email Not Receiving Emails Issue?

Yahoo is a famous mailing service and has one of the most active users. Yahoo is a very reliable mailing service where you can easily send, receive and manage your emails. But many people reported that they are getting certain issues such as Yahoo Mail won’t load from time to time. These kinds of errors can appear due to various reasons. You have to check all the possible aspects of the error to find out why won’t my Yahoo mail load.

Why is my Yahoo mail not updating?

Whenever you get into any runtime error while using Yahoo, check for updates. Yahoo mail provides regular updates to keep the device safe from all types of threats. Developers create updates as a fix patch for Yahoo to prevent the mail from all kinds of danger. Updating Yahoo will resolve your various runtime errors. But if you are unable to update your Yahoo then check your internet connection. The weak internet connection can get you into Yahoo mail not updating issues. You can also face not getting Yahoo mail errors when you are using a shared internet connection. Try connecting the device to the private network and then try to update Yahoo mail. 

Why is my Yahoo email not working?

Not getting Yahoo mail can occur due to numerous reasons. If you are unable to find why is my Yahoo mail not working then you should immediately ask the Yahoo technical team for help. This error mostly appears in iOS devices. One of the best methods for troubleshooting this error is deleting and re-adding Yahoo email on your device. If your Yahoo program files get corrupted then you have to reinstall it for fixing the error. Follow the given steps for troubleshooting Yahoo not working error:

Remove Yahoo from your iOS device

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on Passwords and Accounts
  3. Choose Yahoo Mail account
  4. Click on the red button to delete your Yahoo account

Adding Yahoo account to iOS device (Automatic)

  1. Go to Setting on your device
  2. Navigate to Password and Accounts
  3. Click on Add Account
  4. Choose Yahoo icon
  5. Now follow the on-screen commands
  6. Once complete, open your Yahoo email and check whether your error gets fixed or not.

Adding Yahoo account to iOS device (Manually)

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click on Passwords & Accounts
  3. Click on Add account
  4. Go to Other
  5. Click on Add Mail Account option
  6. Enter your details (name, email address, password)
  7. Hit the Next button
  8. Click on IMAP tab
  9. Email: Enter your email address
  10. Incoming server: IMAP
  11. Hostname:
  12. Port:993
  13. Requires SSL: Yes
  14. Outgoing Server: SMTP
  15. Hostname:
  16. Port: 465 or 587
  17. Requires SSL: Yes
  18. Requires authentication: Yes

Now try opening your Yahoo mail. If your Yahoo mail is still showing the same error then ask for professional help.

Why is Yahoo mail not receiving emails?

Not receiving mail error appears due to a weak internet connection. Check the internet connection as you require a smooth and reliable connection for accessing Yahoo mail. If the mail has any kind of suspicious content then Yahoo will immediately send it to the spam folder. Go to the spam folder and check for your email. Make sure you have not blocked the sender’s email address. Check the filter settings of your Yahoo email for troubleshooting the error. Request the sender to resend the email and ask him whether he is entering the correct email address or not.

If you are getting Yahoo mail not syncing issues on phone devices then try to update your Yahoo. If your Yahoo is running on the latest update then try to restart the browser. Click on the force restart button and then restart your web browser. Now go to the browser settings and remove all the browsers’ cache. Don’t use incognito for Yahoo and allow the location. Restart your phone and sign in for Yahoo on your browser. If you are using the Yahoo mail app then reinstall Yahoo application on your device. Go to the app store and click on My Application. Choose Yahoo from the list of applications. Tap the Updates button. Click on Update and wait for completing the update process. Once complete, restart your phone and check whether your Yahoo mail is working or not. If not, contact Yahoo technical team for help.