How to Troubleshoot HP Laptop Plugged in Not Charging Windows 10 Error?

Hewlett-Packard or HP is a famous IT company that is well-known for manufacturing various hardware devices related software programs. Most of the people prefer HP devices as HP devices are very pocket friendly and offer good services. But many HP laptop users reported that they are getting laptop battery not charging HP error. When then connect their laptop to the charging cord; the battery is not charging. 

Why is my laptop plugged in not charging HP?

You will get this error when the power cord gets damaged but sometimes you get this error due to some other reasons also. If you are sure that your laptop charger is working fine but you are still getting the plugged in not charging hp windows 10 error then you should seek other solutions.  

Common ways for troubleshooting battery plugged in not charging HP error:

Try using hardware troubleshooting Guide

Check your AC adapter. If the adapter is working without an issue then your power connection. If your charger is not connected to the wall socket then your battery will not charge. If the charging point is working fine then check the battery. If your battery is not working then purchase a new battery for your HP laptop.

Provide a power reset to your HP laptop

HP laptop plugged in not charging issue can also occur due to some runtime error. A power reset on your device may fix the runtime error. This process may also fix your battery charging issues. Here are the steps for resetting your HP laptop:

  1. Close your running programs
  2. Shut down your HP laptop
  3. Take out the battery from your laptop carefully
  4. Disconnect your power cord from the HP device
  5. Press and hold your power button for about 15 to 20 seconds and release the power button
  6. Now insert the battery into your HP laptop carefully
  7. Again connect the power cord to the laptop

Open your laptop and then try to recharge the battery of your laptop. If the laptop plugged in not charging HP error is still encountered then you should ask for technical help.

Update the BIOS on your HP laptop

You can also run into these types of errors when your BIOS is outdated. You should always update your BIOS to work properly on your device. BIOS manages all the connections between your laptop resources and Operating system. If the BIOS gets outdated or corrupted then you will get into various errors. Sometimes BIOS errors can also get you into battery charging errors. So, whenever you get battery error; update the BIOS of your laptop. For updating the BIOS of the laptop, you have to visit the official HP site and from there you can easily download the latest updated version of BIOS. If you are still getting the battery charging issue then ask HP support for help.

Test your AC adapter with the help of UEFI hardware diagnostic tests

UEFI is a basic test to check whether your AC adapter is working or not. You can follow the steps given below for performing the UEFI test:

  1. Ensure that your adapter and power cord is connected to your laptop and the wall outlet
  2. Now press and hold the power button of the laptop until the laptop turn off

Now turn on your laptop and press the F2 key from the keyboard repeatedly until you get a UEFI hardware diagnostics screen. Click on the Component Tests option from the UEFI menu. Click on the Power button. Go to the power menu and click on the AC adapter test option. Click on the run button and then follow the on-screen commands for completing the test. After completing the test, a result page will appear on the screen. If the test result shows Pass status, your AC adapter is working fine. You don’t have to replace your adapter. But if the adapter shows Fail that means your adapter is not working and you should buy a new adapter. If your adapter is working fine but your device is not charging then contact the HP team and complain that my HP laptop is not charging. The HP team will provide you all the possible solutions.