How to Troubleshoot Malwarebytes Won’t Update Windows 10 Error?

Malwarebytes anti-malware is a security software well-known for removing PUPs from the device. Along with malware detection and removal, Malwarebytes provides various other security tools for good security. Malwarebytes antivirus has a good interface which can be easily managed by everyone. But still, there are free issues which are reported by many Malwarebytes users. Many people reported that they are facing Malwarebytes won’t update errors. Update error appears when your device or Malwarebytes setup is dealing with some error. You have to check all possibilities for troubleshooting the error.

Try updating Malwarebytes manually

If your Malwarebytes will not update automatically, try the manual process. Close your running programs and press the Windows button. Click on Settings option and navigate to Apps and Features. Now click on Malwarebytes antivirus and click on Update button. Malwarebytes will take some time for searching for a new update. Wait until the Malwarebytes update completes. Now restart your device and check whether your Malwarebytes antivirus gets updated or not.

Check the internet connection

Your internet access can be a potent reason behind the Malwarebytes can’t update error. If your Malwarebytes process interrupts or takes too much time then check the internet connection. Updating errors appear when your internet is weak. If you are using a wireless internet connection on your device then try to place the PC near the Wi-Fi source (router). You can also try connecting the internet via LAN cable as it helps in improving your internet speed. Now try to update your Malwarebytes. Update issues can also appear when you are using a shared internet connection. You should always update your OS and software on secured internet connection. Connect your device to a private network and then try to update Malwarebytes antivirus. If your internet connection is unstable then wait until it gets smooth and update the program.

Check your firewall

Sometimes update issues can appear due to the firewall. The firewall is used for checking the incoming and outgoing traffic on your network. Sometimes, firewall disallows the updates. You should check the firewall settings and check the permissions. Here are the steps for checking your firewall:

  1. Go to the Windows search bar
  2. Type Allow
  3. Click on Allow an app through Windows Firewall
  4. Select the Change Settings option
  5. Tap the Allow another app option
  6. Go to the installation folder of Malwarebytes and add he executable files
  7. You have to enable Malwarebytes to form connections with a public and private network
  8. Save all the changes
  9. Hit the OK button
  10. Restart your device and try updating your Malwarebytes antivirus. 

Check the disk space

Every new update needs some disk space on the PC. After updating, the size of the program increases. If your device is lacking free disk space then Malwarebytes updates not current will get on the device. You should check the free space before updating the antivirus. If the free space is low then add a hard disk on your device. You can remove large files from your device. Go to the Apps folder and uninstall all the unnecessary programs from your device like gaming and editing applications. Remove movies and other big files from the PC and then try to update your antivirus. 

Remove the system and browser junk

Junk files can also create the updates issue. You should remove the browser junk from time to time. Go to your PC and remove the temporary files. Now open your web browser and delete cookies and caches. You can use the Windows cleanup tool for cleaning all system junk. You can follow the given steps for using Windows cleanup tool:

  1. Close your web browser
  2. Press the Windows button and type command on the search bar
  3. Hold and press the ctrl and shift keys
  4. Now hit the Enter button
  5. You will get a permission wizard
  6. Click Yes on the wizard
  7. The command screen will appear on the desktop
  8. Type cleanmgr on the command screen (black box with blinking cursor)
  9. Hit the Enter button

Disk cleanup tool will scan the PC and show you a list of items you can delete from your device. Check the list of items and click on the items you want to delete. Hit the OK button and the files will get removed from the device. Now restart your device and again try to update your Malwarebytes antivirus. 

If you are getting the Malwarebytes update issues due to Malwarebytes program files then you have to restore the program files. If you are unable to restore the files then uninstall your Malwarebytes setup and reinstall the updated Malwarebytes setup on your device.