How to Troubleshoot Pixma MX922 Error Code B200?

Canon is one of the most famous companies for imaging devices like cameras, photocopiers, projectors, and other gadgets. Canon is also very famous for printers. Canon provides reliable and robust printing facilities with good printing speed. But after the smooth working phase of canon printers; it starts showing various errors. You may also experience various error messages from time to time. It is very frustrating when you have to print to an important document but an error message pop-up in your system. Most of the errors you face in while using Canon printers are Canon Printer error code b200. The main cause for this error is when you take a print and then the cartridge gets fully empty. This error can also occur when you are using a third party cartridge when your printer does not cope up with the cartridge. Sometimes cleaning the printhead can also help in fixing canon b200 error. But this is not the permanent solution to their error. If you want to resolve this error permanently then you should seek other solutions. This error can also occur when you use different ink in the printer or when you refill or replace the cartridge with a cheap one. 

Top solutions for fixing Canon mx922 b200 error:

Solution 1: Clean the print-head of your printer

  1. Turn off your printer
  2. Remove the printer from the power source
  3. Open the back lid of your printer 
  4. Remove the ink cartridge from the printer
  5. Remove the print-head carefully
  6. Use contact cleaner to clean the contact pads in the printer
  7. After cleaning it successfully, reinstall the printhead 
  8. Now reinstall the ink cartridge
  9. Connect all the power cords
  10. Power-on the printer

Now test your printer by running in auto head alignment mode

Check whether the Canon Error Code b200 is fixed or not. If not then you should try other solutions. 

Solution 2: Shut the cover in the middle

  1. Turn off the printer
  2. Remove the printer from the power source 
  3. Open the cover as when you change the ink
  4. Now turn on the printer
  5. Start your printer 
  6. Wait until the print carriage moves to the left
  7. Allow it to reach the middle
  8. Shut the cover before it reaches on the left side

Now try to take the print out, if your Canon mx922 not printing then try finding other solutions.

Solution 3: Clean the print head with alcohol

  1. Open your Canon printer
  2. Remove your ink cartridge
  3. Uninstall the printhead
  4. Now turn off the printer by removing the power cord (Do not close the power button)
  5. Take alcohol (isopropyl) to clean the electric pins (your printhead) 
  6. Ensure that your printhead is fully clean
  7. After cleaning the electronic pins, reinstall the printhead
  8. Now plug-in the printer
  9. Run the printer in normal mode

Check whether Canon Pixma mx922 print head is working or not.

Solution 4: Clean the cartridge

  1. Turn off your Canon printer
  2. Remove the printer from the power source
  3. Open the printer lid and remove the ink cartridge 
  4. Take out the sled where the cartridges were placed
  5. Now clean your ink cartridges with the water
  6. You can also use isopropanol so the Canon’s print-head does not get clogged
  7. Ensure that the contacts (golden one) do not get water (it may damage the print head)
  8. Dry the cartridges and other parts carefully so no water can get into the printer
  9. Now reinstall the carriages and ink cartridges carefully
  10. Turn on your printer
  11. Now try to take a printout from your Canon printer. If your printer is still facing the error then you should try Canon mx922 support code b200. 

Sometimes, you can also face printer errors due to software issues in your device. Try the steps mentioned below for fixing Canon mx922 print ink error:

  1. Open your device
  2. Update your printer drivers
  3. Update IJ printer utility software
  4. Go to start menu
  5. Click on device and printers
  6. Right-click on Canon MPxxx
  7. Tap on properties
  8. Click on maintenance
  9. Hit the deep cleaning button
  10. Now run the nozzle check 
  11. After completing the process
  12. Restart your device

Check whether your error is fixed or not

If your printer is still showing Pixma mx922 error code b200 then you should ask for professional help.