How to fix the Canon Pixma MX922 won’t print error?

Canon Pixma is a popular printer that provides better print quality and is quite pocket-1friendly. These printers are very robust and have a simple interface. But the user often faces issues while running the Canon Pixma printer. An error appears and the printer stops taking printouts. 

Why is my Canon mx922 not printing?

  1. Canon Pixma is not connected
  2. The printer driver is not working
  3. Empty ink cartridges
  4. Printhead is clogged 
  5. Paper Jamming
  6. You are sending an invalid print job
  7. The cartridge is not installed correctly

Fixing Canon Pixma MX922 not printing error

Restart Canon Pixma printer

If the Canon printer is not printing then restart it immediately. Your printer can show errors if its services have stopped working. These services are interrupted due to any runtime error. When Pixma is On, remove the power cable. Reconnect that cable after 10 seconds and Canon Pixma will start automatically. The services will run from the beginning and the printhead will fetch the ink. Send a job from your PC and check for the printer error.

Run printer troubleshooter on PC

Canon Pixma can show issues when printer-related files are not working on PC. The files may get interrupted while transferring or making some changes. The user can’t fix the printer-related files manually. Search Printer Troubleshooter and run the utility tool. It will detect and repair all printer-related files. Now check the troubleshooter report wizard and try to use the printer.

What to do when Canon mx922 printing blank pages?

If your printer is taking the print job but giving printouts then check for its cartridges and ink. Your printer is probably unable to fetch the ink for printing. 

Get a new ink cartridge

If the cartridge is empty then the Canon MX920 won’t print correctly. In low ink, the printer shows a low ink warning on the screen. But sometimes, the printer can’t fetch correct ink details. Whenever you get printout-related errors, check for the ink level. Remove the cartridges correctly from Canon and check the ink. If your cartridge is about to get empty, purchase a new cartridge for the device. Always use the original Canon cartridge on your Pixma device. Using the Clone cartridge may show errors as it can’t fit correctly and gives quality issues. In case you can’t afford original cartridges then check for refills. Purchase good quality ink and use the original empty cartridge. Refill those cartridges and reinstall them. Now the printer gets the ink and takes the printouts.

Reinstall the ink cartridge

Your printer gets an error when the ink cartridge is not installed correctly. If an error occurs after installing a new cartridge then recheck it. Remove the cartridge and then check for any damage. In the new cartridge, you have to take out the tape from the side. This tape is to prevent mishandling; remove it while installing. Check the pins for any damage and remove dust. Inspect whether the cartridge pins are touching the printer contacts or not. Reinstall your ink cartridge on Pixma and take the printouts. 

Check the ink slots

For correct colors on the printout, check the ink slots. Canon mx922 won’t print black if the cartridge is not installed on the correct slot. While installing multiple cartridges, users sometimes install the cartridges on the wrong slots. Open your Canon Pixma and lift the scanner tray. Now remove all the cartridges from the printer carefully. Check the slots and install the cartridges on the appropriate slots. Put down the scanner tray and try to take your printouts. 

Troubleshooting Canon mx920 prints blank pages error

Reconnect your Canon Pixma 

If Canon Pixma is not printing your documents then check for its connection. Many times, the Pixma connection gets interrupted due to some runtime errors. You have to reconnect the printer to use it. On PC, use another port to eject the cable. If the printer is not appearing automatically; go to the Printers folder. Click on Add Printer and choose your Canon Pixma. If your Pixma is on a shared network; check the router. Go to Canon Pixma and restart the Wi-Fi. The lamp will blink and search the network. Click on the correct SSID for connection. Go to the connected computer/phone and try to send a print job. 

Clean the Canon printhead

Canon mx920 prints blank pages if the printhead is clogged. You have to clean the head to remove all the clogged ink. The user can run a utility function for head cleaning.

  1. Turn on Canon printer and go to printer properties on PC
  2. Choose Maintenance Tab
  3. Tap on Deep Cleaning

Select the Execute button and the lamp will start blinking while cleaning the head. After cleaning, take the test printout. If the quality is still poor then run the cleaning utility again. The user can remove the dried ink from the head manually using a clean soaked cloth. After removing the clogged ink, wait to dry and then try taking the printout. 

Check the fuser

The printer stops working if its fuser is overheated or damaged. The fuser provides heat and pressure to imprint the ink on paper. While taking printouts simultaneously, the fuser gets overheated. Switch off Canon and wait. After cooling, the fuser will start working and you can take the printouts. But when the fuser is completely burnt out; replace it. Your Pixma will start taking printouts when the fuser is working.

Check cartridge for dried ink

When the user hasn’t accessed the printer for a long time; the ink inside cartridges gets dried up. The printer won’t show empty cartridges but the head can’t fetch the ink. Get new cartridges for the Canon Pixma. The user can also try adding the solvent to dried ink. Open the cartridge lid and add some solvent. Shake the cartridge until the ink mixes well. Reinstall those cartridges and now the printhead can easily fetch the ink for printing.

Get a Canon Pixma Technical Help

When your Canon Pixma MX922 is showing print-related errors, get professional help. The Canon team provides 24/7 support; you can share your printer-related query anytime to get the best solutions. 

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