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Lifelock® is a security product of Lifelock® Inc, which is an American theft production industry headquartered in Arizona. Lifelock® offers identity theft protection system which detects fraudulent applications for many credits and non-credit related services. You can vist service center for getting more details. Lifelock® offers a large number of services such as address change verification, lost wallet protection, court record scanning, black market website surveillance, reduced pre-approved credit card offers and many more.

Common types of Identity theft in our daily life

  • Your existing account takeover by else

This is the most common type of identity theft where the criminal mind gains access to your existing accounts. Once the hacker breaks in, he can easily file claims against your insurance policies, can use your credit cards, and can do many other financial activities.

  • Medical identity theft

Medical identity theft can create some major problems. Hacker can use your health insurance to get medical care under your name, due to this doctor may update his medical records in your details. As a result, this could lead that another doctor is treating you with the wrong details. Lifelock® helps you to keep your medical records secure.

  • New account identity theft

A cybercriminal can create a new account with your credentials such as under your name using various techniques. A thief can dig your credit card applications, or he may get your personal details from scouring the internet. This type of fraud is not easy to spot because you won’t receive any type of notification while transaction.

  • Employment identity theft

A person who can’t get a job due to his poor credit or any past criminal record can steal your Social Security Number to getting the employment. Once that person reports income under your Social Security Number, the IRS will ask you for taxes on the salary earned under your name. Lifelock® dark web surveillance feature helps to keep your identity secure.

  • Criminal Identity Theft

Criminal identity theft happens when a con man gives someone else’s details to the police. The con man may even have your fake paperwork such as a copy of your employment ID, driver’s license copy etc. You may unaware of this fraud until you apply for anything where you have to pass a background check.

  • Senior Identity Theft

Senior identity theft is very common because a senior citizen is often more trusting and has more savings. Senior citizens are more likely to get conned because they are usually unaware of these threats and less likely to check their financial status.

  • Estate identity theft

A mugger can use a deceased person’s details to set up new loans, drain his accounts, and steal various government benefits. This type of fraud can affect family members of the deceased person who were meant to receive the estate. You can take a few steps for avoiding this type of fraud such as getting copies of the death certificate and notifying the credit bureaus and other deceased’s relevant financial institutions. This will help in terminating his accounts.

Talk to technicians for help

If you need any kind of assistance while using Lifelock®, you can easily talk to our technical executives. Our technical team has years of experience and can easily provide you the guidance for using Lifelock® easily. We are offering you round the clock services where you can easily talk to our technical person any time of the day.

Top features of Lifelock which helps you to keep your identity safe from all kinds of theft

  • Dark Web Surveillance: Today, we are surrounded by many underground networks where criminal minds buy and sell personal details. It can be your name, your address, your date of birth and many more. If any of your personal information is found in the black market, it will give you the notification. If you need any kind of assistance for dark web surveillance, you can easily consult. We are always available for providing you help regarding Lifelock®.
  • Credit report monitoring: If your credit is inquiries from 3 credit major firms, Lifelock® will send you an alert notification. For example, if someone is applying for a car loan under your name, you will get an alert. You will get this notification before the amount is actually carried out. But this feature is available in a few plans.
  • Credit card account activity alerts: If you provide your IDs and password of the financial accounts to the Lifelock®, you can easily monitor your credit card activities, your transaction details at Lifelock®.com without visiting the bank.
  • Remuneration for stolen funds: Lifelock® offers $25,000 to $1,000,000 in remuneration for stolen funds according to your plan.
  • Address Change Verification: Lifelock® sends you the alert your financial institution’s address get change. But you have to provide your banking details for getting the notification.

How to contact Customer Care?

Our tech team is offering various platforms for connecting with us, so you can easily get information about Lifelock®.

Helpline: Your call will be answered by our technical executives.

Online chat: We are also offering you live chat portal for Lifelock® Team.

You can also visit direct Lifelock website to complete your setup or call at 00 1 480-457-4500.