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Malwarebytes is an antivirus security program which protects your device from all types of harmful viruses and malware. Malwarebytes is a light-weighted antivirus which has very low system impact. It easily detects and removes all malware from the system. It can also detect malicious URLs through the web browser and blocks the IP address of that website immediately. It detects all the dangerous software from files and device drivers during scanning of your device. You can easily use Malwarebytes with another antivirus also. If you want any kind of details about Malwarebytes

If you have any issue while using Malwarebytes in your system, you can easily get the solution. You can easily talk to our expert technicians and troubleshoot all your issues.

Common issues while using Malwarebytes:

Unable to access the website

This issue occurs when Malwarebytes detects any website as malicious. You will be notified with a pop-up message showing that this website is not safe. Malwarebytes will block that site, and you can’t access that URL. If you want to access that website, then right-click on the Malwarebytes anti-malware tray icon, and search for Website Blocking. Uncheck that dialog box. Now you can access that website.

Error 20025

This is a common error in Malwarebytes anti-malware. You can get this error during the installation of Malwarebytes in your device. Error 20025 can also appear while installing the Windows Operating System. You can get this issue due to many reasons. One of the major reasons is downloading corrupt files of Malwarebytes. Incomplete installation of Malwarebytes software can also cause Error 20025. For fixing this error, try updating your PC drivers. If you are still facing Error 20025.

Software Update error

Sometimes you may face issues while updating the software. This problem occurs due to slow internet connection, lack of disk space, software installation error, firewall enabled. There can be many other possible reasons for this issue. You can get reliable help.

Unable to connect to service error

If you see unable to connect to service message, it means the anti-malware has some disruption on its regular functionality. This issue can be solved by rebooting the PC. Then set the service to run automatically. Now check if the problem is resolved.

Issues during scanning the software

Malwarebytes is a good anti-malware which removes all kinds of malware from your system. But you may get issues while scanning your device with Malwarebytes. This type of errors can occur due to low disk space, issues with computer hardware etc. For solving this error, uninstall your Malwarebytes anti-malware and try reinstalling it.

Malicious Website Protection Disabled

Sometimes the malicious website protection feature of your Malwarebytes gets disabled. Due to this, your device may get infected from much dangerous malware and malicious URLs. To enable the malicious website Protection feature, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Restart your device
  • The open dashboard of your Malwarebytes
  • Click on update now
  • Close the anti-malware program
  • Open your Malwarebytes program again
  • Check the malicious website protection feature is enabled or not, if not then try to reboot your device.

Some other common issues of Malwarebytes are:

  • Unable to update Malwarebytes
  • Malwarebytes anti-malware is not working on Windows 8.
  • Malwarebytes signature issues
  • Malwarebytes blue screen error
  • Frequents crushes while using Malwarebytes
  • Malwarebytes is unable to remove Trojans
  • Malwarebytes anti-exploit issues
  • Malwarebytes is not running on Firefox

You may face many more issues while using Malwarebytes anti-malware. For any kind of issue, you can call on at troubleshooting team and get the solutions.

Why do you need a Service Center for Malwarebytes?

While working on a device using Malwarebytes, you may face many types of issues. If you are a technically sound person, you may able to resolve some common types of issues. But you, if you are not from technical background then changing the setting, can cost you very much. So, for proper guidance for solving all kinds of issues. This number will connect you to our expert technicians who are working in this field for years. They will provide you step by step guidelines for your every issue.

Why go for Malwarebytes  Service Center?

Malwarebytes provides you 24*7 online service center to all the customers which means you can easily get the help support any time of the day. Problems are the uninvited guests to our device; they can knock your door any time. Let’s suppose you receive an important document at night. Suddenly your system freezes while scanning that document. In that case, you have two options; either you visit a service center. But most of the service centers are usually closed at night. Even if they are open, you have to take your whole system to the service center. On the other hand, you can easily call at troubleshooting team and get the reliable solutions immediately. We are providing around the clock service for seven days a week. You can get the help for our expert any time, our service will save your time as well your money.

How to Contact Online Service Center :

Malwarebytes Error Code 5:

Error code 5 due to any Windows files corruptions or due to malware infection. Your active running program will corrupt and you will get error 5 code displayed on your desktop. You will get this error every time you run that program. Your input devices like your mouse and keyboard will start responding late. Your device will also start working slowly. Try removing the system junk for fixing this error:

  1. Go to search bar
  2. Type command on the search bar and hit the Enter button
  3. A command prompt will appear on the screen
  4. Typecleanmgr in the command prompt and press Enter button
  5. Wait for a few minutes; the disk cleaner is checking the files
  6. Now some checkbox will appear on your screen
  7. Check the boxes you want to clear, don’t forget to check temporary files box
  8. Click on confirm button
  9. Close all running programs

Restart your device and check whether error code 5 is resolved or not.

Malwarebytes freezes while checking for updates

Always update your antivirus whenever new update arrives. Updates always come with a fix patch of the earlier version. If you want that your antivirus should protect you from all latest threats then updating the Malwarebytes antivirus is vital. But many people reported that their antivirus is getting freeze while checking for updates. You can also try some common methods for fixing this error:

  • Check your internet connection. You will need a stable internet connection for updating Malwarebytes antivirus.
  • When a new update arrives; many people update their antivirus simultaneously. Due to this, the Malwarebytes server gets down. Wait for some time and then try to update your Malwarebytes.
  • Check your disk space. New updates new free disk space. If you are out of free space then remove junk and other unnecessary files and folder from your device and then try to update your antivirus.
  • Sometimes the firewall blocks the internet connection. Open Malwarebytes dashboard and disable your firewall temporarily. Now try to update the antivirus.

 Malwarebytes is slowing down Windows 10

Many Malwarebytes reported that their Windows 10 started working slowly after installing Windows 10. If this is the case then you can prevent Malwarebytes from starting up. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Hit the Windows button from your keyboard
  2. Now type msconfigin your search bar and hit the Enter button
  3. Go to Advanced tab and check whether it is set to start by itself
  4. If yes the uncheck Malwarebytes
  5. Click on Apply button
  6. Restart your device

Now your device will start running will well speed. If your device is still running sluggishly then contact technical executives are well-trained and can easily troubleshoot your all Malwarebytes related glitches.

Runtime errors in Malwarebytes antivirus

Along with Malwarebytes setup issues, there are various runtime errors you may face while using Malwarebytes. These errors can interrupt your various processes. If you want to work reliably then you should fix all the errors immediately. You can also ask the Malwarebytes Customer Service Number for help.

Unable to use a custom scan tool

Many Malwarebytes users reported that they are getting issues while using the custom scan tool. The system scan feature is running without issues but when they are trying to use a custom scan; error message appears on the screen and Malwarebytes dashboard crashes. One of the potential reasons for this antivirus can outdated PC drivers. If any PC driver gets corrupted then you need to fix it instantly. But if you should only try to update the driver if you are from the technical background. Finding the correct driver is not easy. If you edit the wrong driver then your other process may get affected. Even if you find the correct driver, you can’t edit them manually without knowledge. You can make use of the driver update tool. Find a driver update tool that is compatible with your device. Download and install it accordingly. Now run the tool for updating the drivers. This tool will update all the outdated drivers of your PC. If your error is still not fixed then contact Malwarebytes Customer Service Number for help.

Malwarebytes is not opening

If your Malwarebytes is showing error after you installed a program then your program is conflicting with Malwarebytes. This mostly occurs when you have two or more security programs installed on the device. Program conflicting issues also appear when you have installed a third-party program. Removing the conflicting program can fix your Malwarebytes service. You can use the steps mentioned below for removing software from your PC:

  1. If you are a Windows user then go to the Start menu
  2. Navigate to Control Panel
  3. Click on Programs
  4. Go to Programs and Features
  5. Check the list of installed programs
  6. Click on the program (you want to delete)
  7. Tap the uninstall button

Now you have to follow the on-screen commands for completing the software uninstallation process. Once you remove the program, restart the PC and check whether your error is fixed or not.

Recent changes are interrupting your Malwarebytes

A small change in your device settings may affect your Malwarebytes antivirus. Recent changes can also get you into Malwarebytes error 5. But reverting the changes can help in fixing the error. Use the Windows restore tool and fix the error:

  1. Click on Start button and type system restore
  2. Select System Restore tool
  3. Enter the Admin credentials

Now follow the on-screen wizards and choose the restoring point. Once you restore the setting; try using Malwarebytes. If your Malwarebytes freezes during the scan then ask for technical help.

Malwarebytes exploit blocks HP Printer

If your antivirus is blocking the connection and showing issues while using HP Printer then try to connect the printer with a USB cable. If you are using an unreliable connection the antivirus will block it. Using a USB cable may help in fixing the error. But if you are unable to find the error; contact Malwarebytes Customer Support Number for help.

You can also visit direct Malwarebytes website to complete your setup or call at 1-800-520-2796.

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