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Microsoft is a web browser developed and distributed by Microsoft. It replaces Internet Explorer as a default browser from Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One devices. It was originally designed with EdgeHTML browser engine, but now it is rebuilt as a Chromium-based browser.

Microsoft Edge is integrated with new tools like Cortana, reading mode, annotations tools etc. Due to many new features, sometimes users face difficulty to access Microsoft Edge. For all kinds of issues regarding Microsoft Edge, you can contact Microsoft Edge. This will provide you with a solution for all types of issues and queries.

What is Microsoft Edge Troubleshooting?

Microsoft Edge provides you solutions for all queries related from Microsoft Edge. We are providing 24*7 services to our Microsoft Edge user which means, you can easily get the solution any time of the day.

Common issues with Microsoft Edge:

  1. Slow speed issues in Microsoft Edge: Sometimes your Edge may take lots of time for loading a page; these issues usually arise in the systems with low memory space. Here are some possible solutions for reducing the loading time.
  • This issue may occur when one page is consuming a lot of RAM. Try closing all tabs and restart the Edge browser.
  • Try clicking on library option”…” and click InPrivate browsing windows.
  • Clear cache, cookies, and history files from Edge and restart it. For more possible solutions,
  • Frequent internet cuts or can’t connect to any network error:
    If your new upgrade of Windows10 is not supporting VPN then you won’t be able to access the Edge. Try updating your software or replacing your VPN. There can be many other issues related to network error, contact Microsoft Edge Troubleshooting Team and get desirable solutions.
  1. The pop-up window is not appearing in Edge browser: This is a common issue faced by many Edge users while trying to open a pop-up window in the Edge browser. This problem usually occurs due to blocked pop-ups..
  2. Queries in configuration settings of the browser’s security: This error occurs due to wrong configuration settings in the browser’s security.
  3. All web pages are showing “has a problem” and are unable to load: Check your internet connection. If you have working internet connection and still it shows the error it means the error is in your Edge. Try clearing all the junk from your edge. Go to the library by clicking “…” and open settings. Tap on “choose what to clear”. Clean out all your caches files. Restart your Edge and check if it is working
  4. Unable to find my favorites or downloads: Edge uses a Hub to store your web information. Go to the taskbar, click on Hub button. Click on Favorites button to see your current favorites. You can also choose your old favorites of another browser by clicking on the settings on the Favorites panel. Then click on Import favorites and other info then choose Import From another browser button.
    In the Hub panel, search for the Downloads history. Clear your download history. Open the folder in your PC where you have stored your all downloads. Try deleting old downloads for increasing free space.
  5. My passwords are not working in Edge: This issue can be arises due to cookies or cache. Go to library button, select Settings. Go to Clear browser data. Click on choose what to clear and clear cache, cookies, and history. Password error can also occur due to recently downloaded apps. Try running Windows app troubleshooter.
  6. Cortana is not working issue: Before searching for other solutions, check Cortana is enabled on your Windows 10 device. Click on eyeball icon of Cortana next to the Windows 10 taskbar search field. You can find Cortana’s toolbar on the side of the resulting menu. Click on the gear icon, settings which pop up on your screen. Check the Let Cortana respond to “Hey Cortana” is on. If not then toggle it to on position.
  7. Preventing sites due to third-party antivirus: If you have third-party antivirus or any other security software installed in your Windows 10 device, it may prevent sites from loading.

Some other common issues faced by Microsoft Edge users:

  • Edge is not opening
  • Unable to install Edge
  • Frequent crashes on Edge
  • The print command is not working on Edge
  • Unwanted advertisements on Edge
  • Unable to synchronize bookmarks

A user may face many other queries while using Microsoft Edge. You can call Microsoft Edge Troubleshooting and get the reliable solutions.

Why do you need a Online Microsoft Edge Troubleshooting Team?

Microsoft Edge is a new web browser with many advanced features, Many times; new users are unable to understand these advanced features. Microsoft Edge Troubleshooting Team provides you step by step guide for all types of queries and issues related to your Microsoft Edge. Our expert technicians are always ready to help you out from any type of query.

Why choose Microsoft Edge Troubleshooting Team?

Microsoft Edge is providing 24*7 services to you, which mean we are always present for, help you out from any type of queries. You can easily visit Microsoft Edge Troubleshooting Team and get the reliable help. Our service is not a time-bound service like other service centers. We are available for you at any time frame of the day. Our service will provide you best solution quickly and will save your time and money.

You can also visit direct Microsoft website to complete your setup.

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