What to Do When the HP Printer in Error State Windows 10?

HP printer is a good and reliable device. You can set your HP printer with other devices to take printouts easily. New HP devices are advanced and offer various specifications. But like other gadgets, your HP printer can show errors sometimes. HP printer error state often appears while taking printouts.

Common causes behind HP printer is in an error state:

  • You haven’t installed the HP printer driver
  • The printer driver is corrupted
  • HP printer connection error
  • HP printer paper jam
  • The printer can’t find the cartridge
  • The printhead is not working correctly
  • HP printer fuser gets damage

HP printer in error state how to fix?

When your HP printer is showing an error, you should inspect for the basic issues which can get the printer into error. Once you find the issue, you can easily troubleshoot the printer error. 

Restart your printer

When you get the error state message on the printer, go to the printer and close it. Don’t press the power button. Remove the power cable. Reconnect the cable and your HP printer must start automatically. After the power restart of the HP printer. Check the HP printer screen for an error message. 

Check the HP printer driver

When the driver is not working correctly then also you may get the HP printer in an error state. Check whether you have the correct driver for your printer or not. If the printer driver is not installed then get it from the web. Install the driver of your HP printer model. If you have a driver but the printer is showing an error then check for its update. Install the update of your HP driver and then the printer will start working correctly. But when the driver is corrupted; you have to remove it. Go to PC and uninstall the corrupted HP driver. Reinstall the correct setup for the driver and then check for errors.

Check the HP printer connection

The error can appear due to printer connection error. Sometimes the cable gets loose and the printer shows an error message. Remove the cable from the printer. Take the cable and check both ends. If the cable has any kinks then replace it. Always connect the HP printer with a high-speed cable for proper functioning. In the wireless HP printer network, check the routing device. Turn off the router and then enable it. Go to the HP printer and then again search for the network. After reconnecting the printer; give the print command and printouts with HP. 

Check the printhead of your device

Printhead requires regular cleaning. While taking the printout, dry ink gets stuck into the printhead. When the user hasn’t cleaned the printhead for a long time; it can start showing the error. Go to the printer and open the access door. Check the printhead and clean it. For manual cleaning, take the clean cloth and put in some solvent. Now clean the printhead and inspect the error. When you can’t clean the printout manually then try running the utility tool. Go to HP printer software and check for services. Choose Cleaning and run the tool. The utility tool will clean the printhead and then you can try running the printer. 

Remove malware from your PC

The printer can show error messages when you have viruses. While giving the print command; these viruses interrupt the process. The HP printer can’t get the command and starts showing the error. You will face the error until you remove the viruses. You have to check the computer and inspect it for malware. Detecting the malware manually is difficult; run Windows defender. This tool will check for the malware and then remove all of them. After removing the malware; connect the printer to the PC. Open the document and try to take its printout with the HP printer.

Reset the HP printer

Printer shows error due to wrong settings. The printer is showing an error because you have edited the settings wrongly. Again, go to the printer and then undo the changes. Once you revert the changes, the printer will start working. But when you forget the original settings then go for a reset. You should reset the HP printer to factory settings and then reconfigure it to the device.

  • Shut down the HP printer and remove the cable
  • Wait about 30 seconds and reconnect the cable
  • Turn on the printer and press the resume button for 20 seconds
  • Attention lamp will start glowing

Release the release button and then wait. The printer will get reset to factory settings and then you can reconfigure it to the device easily. Now try to work with an HP printer.

Reinstall the printer cartridge 

When the HP printer is in error state; check its cartridge. Without cartridge installation; your printer won’t work. Many times the cartridge is not installed properly and the printer gets into error. Go to the HP printer and then open the access door. Check all the cartridges correctly. If any of the cartridges are not installed correctly then remove them. Check the cartridge pins; if it is covered with protective tape then remove it. Reinstall the cartridge on the printer. Many HP printers give the error when the user has installed a clone cartridge. Don’t use cheap cartridges as they get the printer into error. After installing the printer, check the cartridge. Remove the clone cartridge from the device. Install the original HP printer cartridge and then you can work with the HP printer reliably.

Check HP printer fuser

Fuser is a part of the HP printer. When an error appears, check the fuser. The HP printer fuser can get damaged easily due to overheating. When the user is taking printouts for a long time without a break; the fuser gets burnt out. Without the fuser; your printer can’t work. Open the access door of your HP printer and then check for the fuser. If the fuser is damaged then get a new fuser. Remove the damaged fuser and then install a new fuser on the device. Once you get a new fuser, the printer will start working.