Canon Printer LBP6230DW Wireless Setup Manual

Canon is a Japanese manufacturing company well-known for its imaging products like cameras, projectors, image scanners, printers, medical equipment, and filming pieces of equipment. Canon LBP6230DW is a high-tech wireless laser printer that is most suitable for home users as well as for office printing.

Un-boxing your Canon Printer LBP6230DW

  1. Place your package on a flat surface
  2. Remove all the sealing
  • Check for ink cartridges, USB, power cords, CD and other essential parts
  1. Connect your printer to the power source
  2. Now take out the cartridge carefully and remove all the packaging
  3. Load the ink cartridge into your printer
  • Load papers in the printer’s paper tray

How to install Canon LBP6230DW Driver?

  1. If you don’t a CD-drive on your system then you have to download the setup from the manufacturer’s website
  2. After downloading the file, double-click on it
  • Follow the on-screen commands for completing the installation process
  1. If you have a CD-drive on your system then you can also install the driver from the provided CD-ROM
  2. Insert the CD in your DVD-drive and wait until a setup appear on your screen
  3. Double-click on the setup
  • Copy the setup on your device
  • Run the setup
  1. Follow all the on-screen instruction
  2. User license page will appear on your screen
  3. Click on agree and install button
  • Hit the complete button for completing the installation process

Canon LBP 6230 Wi-Fi Setup for Windows

  1. You can use Wi-Fi printing only if your router has a WPS button
  2. Check the internet connection; it must have WPA or WPA2
  • Turn on your Canon LBP printer and press the Wi-Fi button
  1. Press and hold the button until it flashes the light
  2. Check whether the blue light next to the Wi-Fi button is glowing or not
  3. Now immediately press the WPS button
  • Your Wi-Fi light will continue blinking until it connects to any access point
  • Once it gets connected to any access; it will stop blinking

Canon LBP 6230DW Wi-Fi Setup Mac

  1. Make sure you have WPS button physically on your router (check on the rear side of your router)
  2. Check whether your internet connection have WPA or WPA2 security or not
  • Make sure you have opened Wi-Fi of your Mac device
  1. Now turn on your Canon printer and press the Wi-Fi button
  2. Hold the Wi-Fi button until the light flashes
  3. When the light flashes, press the WPS button immediately
  • The Wi-Fi light of your printer will blink until connects to the access point
  • If the light gets stable; you have successfully established the LBP6230DW Wi-Fi Setup connection.

Steps for Canon LBP6230DW Print Setup

  1. Open your device
  2. Go to the start menu
  • Click on Control Panel
  1. Go to hardware and Sound option
  2. Click on Add a Printer option
  3. Choose Canon ImageClass LBP6230DW Wireless Setup Printer
  • Now try to print something with your Canon printer.

Follow the given steps for printing a document:

  1. Go to the file you want to print
  2. An open print dialog box (Ctrl+P key)
  • Choose Canon LBP printer
  1. Go to Properties option
  2. Set the page orientation
  3. Choose the page size
  • Select the output size so your printer can increase or reduce the data size
  • Choose the type of paper
  1. Choose your printing preferences
  2. Hit the OK button
  3. Click on the Print button
  • Your printer will start printing your documents

In case you want to cancel the print command then go to print command bar and right-click the document to stop printing. Click on the yes button and your print command will get canceled.

My printer is not working on wireless mode

  • Check whether the network signal is active or not
  • Make sure you have configured the network wireless setting completely on your system
  • Ensure that your wireless router is active
  • Place your printer and router closer
  • Try resetting your LAN setting
  • Some error message is displaying on my screen
  • Make sure your printer is online
  • Check the paper tray. You will get an error if it is empty or overloaded
  • Ensure that your pages are well aligned
  • Check for the connection on wireless printers
  • Make sure that you are not dealing with a paper jam
  • Check your USB cables
  • Make sure you are printing on the right format

My printer is showing Paper Jam error

Paper jam is one of the most common types of errors on printer devices. You will merely get paper jams on the latest Canon printers. But that doesn’t mean that they are fully free from paper jams. If the machine is showing paper jam that means something gets stuck inside your printer. Most of the times, paper jam occurs due to a chunk of paper. So, open the rear side of your printer and check whether you see and paper chunk. If yes then pull it out. Now close the lid and try to take a printout. If you are still getting paper jam then remove cartridge, paper tray and clean the printer. Sometimes dust can also cause paper jams. Now, put toner cartridge and paper tray back into the printer carefully. Try taking a print from your printer. If your printer is still showing the error then you should probably ask for professional help.

How to check the Canon LBP6230 printer status?

Go to the customize button in your system tray. Click on the job status tab and you can easily review your printer’s status.

If you have any kind of queries related to the Canon LBP6230 printer then you can contact Canon support for proper guidelines.

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