Guidelines for Canon IP110 Setup

Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational industry globally famous for manufacturing imaging devices like cameras, printers, medical types of equipment, image scanners, MRI and other diagnostic systems, and various high-resolution imaging components. Canon IP110 is a light-weighted and small printer that provides high-quality printouts. You can also print photos with this printer that makes it more preferable for home-users. If provides you wireless printing features where you can easily take printouts from your various devices.

Un-boxing your Canon IP110 Wi-Fi printer

  • Place your printer packages on a plane surface and remove the upper seal carefully
  • Check for the ink cartridges, power cords, CD-ROM, USB, and other parts.
  • Now take out your printer and place it in a clean, plane, and, dry surface.
  • Plug-in one side of power code to the printer and another one to the power supply
  • Fit the ink cartridges into the printer carefully.
  • Push the input tray to fill it with the required amount of paper.
  • Now you have to download and install the printer driver for completing the configuration.

How to download Canon IP110 Driver?

The printer driver can be defined as a medium that talks between your printer and the device. You can’t take printouts until you install printer drivers on your system. Follow the mentioned steps for downloading printer drivers on your device.

  1. If you have a CD-drive on your device then you can copy and install the driver from the provided CD.
  2. Insert the Canon IP110 setup CD on your device’s disk drive.
  • A setup window will appear on your screen
  1. Click on the setup
  2. Follow the on-screen commands
  3. Click on the finish button
  • Now try to take the print from your printer
  • If you don’t have a CD-drive on your device then you can download the Canon IP110 printer driver from the internet
  1. After downloading the setup; run the installation and follow the on-screen commands for completing the Canon IP110 setup installation process.

How to Connect Canon Pixma IP110 Printer to Wi-Fi?

  1. Download and install the compatible printer driver on your device.
  2. User Account Control box pop-up will appear on the screen
  • Hit the Yes button
  1. Click on Next button
  2. Connection option page will appear on your screen
  3. Click on Wireless LAN connection
  • Click on Access Point Connection
  • Printers and network list will appear on the screen
  1. Click on printer could not be found the option
  2. Click on wireless setup on setup procedure page
  3. Now follow all the on-screen commands for connecting Canon IP110 to Wi-Fi.

Guidelines for Canon Pixma IP110 Bluetooth Setup

For configuring Bluetooth setup; your device must have a printer driver installed in it and should meet will all the specifications.

  1. Turn off your Canon printer and wait until the light stops glowing.
  2. Now detach your printer’s cap and connect the Bluetooth unit.
  • Turn on Canon printer
  1. Start the Canon Utility program
  2. Go to start menu
  3. Click on All Programs
  • Go to Bluetooth setting tab
  • Click on Change
  1. Enter the passkey
  2. Ensure that the device name is correct
  3. Register Canon IP110 as for Bluetooth device from Devices and Printers.

How to Connect Canon Printer to Phone?

Canon IP100 printer is compatible with mobile devices. You can directly take printouts with the help of Bluetooth or USB. In case you have an iOS device; you can take a printout with the help of the AirPrint setup.

How to set a password on the Canon Pixma IP110 printer?

Your admin password will be different from the printer model

By default printer name is “ADMIN” and password Canon is “canon”

  1. Go to operational panel
  2. Open IJ Network Tool device setup utility
  • A password window will appear on the screen
  1. Create a strong password for your Canon Printer

Canon IP110 Reset Guidelines

The printer reset option brings your printer to its default stage. All your specifications will get removed. Follow the steps given below for resetting you Canon IP110 printer:

  1. Press the Cancel button
  2. Press the cancel button until the power lamp glows
  • Release the button when the lamp blinks for nine times
  1. Now your printer device has been reset

Troubleshooting Canon Pixma IP110 printer issues:

I am getting faded printouts

There can be many reasons for getting fade printouts. One of the most common reasons for fade printing is the low ink level. Check the ink level of your cartridges. If the ink is near to the minimum level then you should change the ink cartridges. You can also refill your ink cartridges because new ink cartridges are costly. But make sure you are refilling your ink cartridges under proper guidance. If the cartridge lid doesn’t fit properly then the ink may spill out and damage your printer. Printing quality can also decrease when you are using third-party cartridges. Always use genuine cartridges on your printer. Check the quality setup. Change the quality setup to high.

My printer is running slowly.

Canon printers are known for good printing speed. If your printer is running slowly then you should ask for technical help. The low power supply can also lead to a slow printing rate. Using your printer on drift mode can help you for taking printouts at a good speed. In drift mode, the quality of your printout gets reduced but the speed increased.

My printer is facing a paper jam.

Paper jam error occurs when a chunk of paper gets stuck inside the printer or when the paper rollers draw two or more papers simultaneously. Clean your printer and remove all the junk. Check the paper tray and try again.

If you are getting any kind of queries while configuring or using the Canon printer; contact Canon support for help.